A Cockeyed Optimist

March 4, 2017


Welcome to my new blog COCKEYED OPTIMIST!  Since Kindergarten, I've been writing nonstop: stories and poems and bad song lyrics and journal entries.  My brain-chatter is so loud and fast, that writing has always proven to be the best way for me to slow down, rationalize, and ground myself. Writing also helps me connect to those I love, to my heart, and to God.  


I have kept specific blogs in the past...blogs about moving to New York on a whim at eighteen (don't worry, I went back to college), blogs about living with low vision, and blogs about trips.  I have even had the honor to guest blog for some of my pals.  But now, I want to keep an open blog to whatever life throws my way.


Why the title, "Cockeyed Optimist" you may ask?  One of my favorite classic musical theatre tunes shares the exact same title.  For years I wanted to sing it, but felt awkward because of my eye condition.  But now, I find the literal definition of Cockeyed Optimist hilariously truthful to who I am at my core.  A girl who sees the world through different eyes...but a girl who is tenaciously optimistic about the world and what's to come.  


So cheers, y'all!  Cant wait to start this blog-fest.  If you ever want to see anything on my blog let me know!  Don't be surprised if you see photos, recipes, post-yoga class thoughts, bad jokes, interviews, and videos.  


I'll leave y'all with the lyrics to the ole classic from South Pacific...


When the sky is a bright, canary yellow
I forget ev'ry cloud I've ever seen,
So they called me a cockeyed optimist
Immature and incurably green.

I have heard people rant and rave and bellow
That we're done and we might as well be dead,
But I'm only a cockeyed optimist
And I can't get it into my head.


I hear the human race
Is fallin' on its face
And hasn't very far to go,
But ev'ry whippoorwill
Is sellin' me a bill,
And tellin' me it just ain't so.


I could say life is just a bowl of Jello
And appear more intelligent and smart,
But I'm stuck like a dope
With a thing called hope,
And I can't get it out of my heart!
Not this heart...

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