not auditioning tomorrow.

February 6, 2019



Hello world.  For those of you not in the theatre community, we are in the height of audition season.  There are multiple auditions a day for companies looking to hire actors for summer work, full seasons, one contract, Broadway, off-Broadway,  Miss Patty's Theatre in the get the picture.  Because there are multiple auditions every day, I easily fall into the trap that I need to be everywhere, every day, and be ON IT, all the time.


But...shocker...this is impossible.  This is a standard of perfection that is physically unattainable.  If you get up at six and go to three auditions a day multiple days in a row....are you REALLY able to SHOW UP and be present for all of your auditions?  Are you able to truly connect and be out of your own way?  If you can do this, let me know.  But I am finding this is an impossible standard.  There is always one audition that falls short, lacks full attention, or one where you can't stop thinking about why your hands are moving instead of WHO you are singing to in your 32 bar cut. 


There is power in choosing one audition that matters, one that deeply aligns with WHY you are an artist.  Choose that audition...or choose two to three of those in a week, and prepare like a seasoned professional for those auditions/people. There is power in specific preparation.  There is power in protecting your mental health (and physical health for that matter).  


For this reason, I am TAKING A MENTAL HEALTH MORNING tomorrow, and if you are feeling stretched thin or a sense of needing to re-focus...I urge you to take one, too.  You are not weaker because of are not missing are not a failure.  What is for you will not pass you.  Assume your competence in your craft, prepare for auditions that deeply resonate with your personal vision or mission, and protect your tender, artistic heart.  



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