cultivate a gratitude habit.

August 18, 2019


Have you read a book recently that you couldn't put down?  Did you hear a new band play or see a musical that left you wanting more?  If so, did you let those artists know?


Did a friend send you a card that brightened your day?  Or maybe you thought about a teacher who taught you a lesson that you circle back to on a daily basis...did you reach out?

This summer, I have been enrolled in a program at the Jen Waldman Studio called the REBOOT. This summer-long course aims to help artists level-up and work toward the sweeping changes they seek to make in their careers and lives.  We have 2 required reading books: Linchpin by Seth Godin and Reach Out by Molly Beck.  In Reach Out, Molly Beck talks about how some of the most helpful connections she has made as an entrepreneur have been those connections made at the fringes of her network.  She talks about all kinds of reach outs...but the reach out-type that has stuck with me the most is the gratitude reach out, Molly sometimes calls this the "cool reach out." 


While my time in the Reboot has been helping me shift mindset, set smarter goals, and venture into some new career has taught me more about the value of community, empowering others, and reaching out than I could have ever imagined.  After many webinars with Jen, the REBOOT Community, and other JWS faculty, I decided to commit to making gratitude reach outs a habit.  Reaching out does not have to be reserved for business.  Reach out to those who you admire, reach out to that powerhouse speaker at the conference you just attended, reach out to your old teacher from eighth grade.  Let people know that their work matters to you.  Cultivate a gratitude habit by reaching out to 3-5 people each week.  This might sound silly or forced, but once you make a gratitude reach out a habit,  it will eventually become a natural part of your daily routine.  Who will you to reach out to today?
























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